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Retractable Ignition Systems

Bird Equipment LLC Retractable Ignition Systems

  • Required by 40 CFR 60.18 the pilot on our flares are continuously on. You need to have available fuel gas supply or propane in order to install a continuous pilot. Bird Equipment’s flare system has a fuel gas scrubber to supply the fuel gas to the pilot. As stated in NSPS Quad “OOOO”, Bird Equipment’s pilots and ignitors are mounted on the side of a flare flue section with a retractable system. This allows any maintenance or change a component while the flare is still in operation to the pilot systems. This can to be done from the ground, without the need for cranes or ladders to remove them from the flare tip. The retractable system is operated via manual winch and pulley system. We use a 1100 lb hand-operated winch with a 3/16″ steel cable. The pulley is mounted at the top of the flare stack and a 3/16″ stainless steel air craft cable runs up from the winch through the pulley and back down to the pilot.

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